Services for Estates and Trusts

Estate Services

Our firm deals with businesses owned and operated by people who have worked very hard in their careers to build successful enterprises. Though the concept of estate planning is simple in that it facilitates an orderly transfer of your wealth and assets to your beneficiaries and provides security for a surviving spouse, the objectives are broader in that you will want to reduce or eliminate tax due to the transfer.

Our firm has expanded our services to include estate management and executor services, and through our extensive network of professional alliances we are also able to refer you to value-added legal services to ensure you have the complete coverage of a Will, Powers of Attorney and all legalities are addressed, including probate and estate windup.

For business owners, providing for continuity and succession in the ownership and continued operation or disposition of the business is essential. The measure of this transition in an smooth and orderly fashion largely rests on a great deal of advanced planning. Our advisors can help guide you through the complex process of implementing an effective transition plan.

If you feel you have the need for an impartial, local executor or just want to sit down and discuss the plans for your estate we would be happy to help.