Services in the Cloud

 firm offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Our clients benefit from personalized, quality service that is beyocomparison. We have listed the services that we offer to our clients, together with a brief description.

QuickBooks Online Certified Silver ProAdvisors and QuickBooks Elite Advisors

The world of accounting software and online services is ever expanding.  We have been one of the leaders in accounting technology for over a decade and we will continue to upgrade our skills.

A number of our staff have completed the QBO Certified Advisor Programme and are ready willing and able to help you transition your accounting and bookkeeping to the cloud.

Give us a call and we can discuss some of the exciting services available through QBO when it comes to payment services and online invoicing.

CCH iFirm Portal

We will be using this service for better electronic communication with all of our clients. 

This will be especially useful for our personal clients during the annual tax rush between February 1 and April 30th.  It will allow you to upload your tax information to our secure online server from your desktop or smart phone through an easy to use app or your internet browser.  For those of you who confirm your email addresses and approve of receiving your tax information in a paperless format we will deliver a full copy of your return plus a copy of your signing documents through iFirm Portal.  You can then sign, scan and upload them back to us.  Fast, Safe and reliable.  Read on please

CCH iFirm Portal provides a secure channel in which we can work with you online at every level, securely sharing documents, data and reports. In addition to significantly enhancing the time efficiencies in our day to day dealings, the impressive, easy to use platform will encourage fantastic data and document sharing and improve our services to you and our turn around time with your file.

For your peace of mind, CCH iFirm’s Portal employs the very latest in tried and tested security innovation … which means you know that whatever it is you’re sending, sharing or communicating, you can be absolutely confident that no one else is intercepting or viewing your material. Where this communication channel is concerned, complete privacy is the priority.

We will be using this service for our business year end clients as well as for our daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping and management clients

CCH iFirm Portal allows our clients to upload large accounting data files and to electronically send us all of their accounting and bookkeeping data electronically on a daily or as need basis.

CCH iFirm Portal is a convenient, web-based application for reliable and secure file exchange and storage of confidential documents. Files can be effortlessly uploaded, downloaded and stored in a completely secure environment, with instant access from virtually anywhere. With CCH iFirm Portal, you gain bi-directional file exchange capabilities that make it easy for you to securely deliver and receive client documents, facilitating collaboration and supporting the upload of even the largest files.

With the growing international trend toward increased security for electronic document transfer, the use of unencrypted email for confidential documents is becoming unacceptable. Now is the time to maximize the security of sensitive information, and start sharing, storing and organizing documents the intelligent way.

CCH iFirm Portal helps you and The Kars CPA Professional Corporation:

  • Access vital documents immediately from any location with Internet access via a secure, private repository.
  • Organize documents electronically in cabinets and folders that mirror the way you store paper documents.
  • Easily upload data files of all sizes without relying on an FTP server.
  • Designate files as Read-Only or Read/Write for easier access and greater security.
  • Check out documents to prevent other users from editing while they are being updated.
  • Maintain previous file versions in the document history.
  • Search, filter, and display documents by file type, title, creator, key word and more.

Remote Hosting by Nimbus Cloud Hosting Corporation

owned and operated by ADAMS and Associates Ltd

Our Secure Server Based Accounting Solutions.

Our Software is QuickBooks Enterprise but we can expand to encompass any accounting or management software (capable of running properly licensed) in terminal services mode.

Our servers allow you to store your data in my office where it is accessible to you in any location you have access to a hi-speed internet connection and have our suite of applications in place.

  1. You can access your financial data on a lightning fast secure connection from your office, your home, your vehicle or while on vacation.
  2. Anywhere on the face of the planet you have a hi-speed connection you are able to print invoices, cheques, quotes and review what is going on at your main office.
  3. We have the most up to date computer technology available and will continue to update and improve continuously. We will look after the technology and you look after your business.
  4. We have support available during normal business hours for the technology, through Over the Top Computing at (613) 843-1236. OTC also can provide any hardware you need to make this system perform its best and to help your business become more manageable and profitable.
  5. QuickBooks support is available through my office at the numbers you are familiar with.
  6. The speed of the connection is usually faster than accessing your data on your own hard drive, assuming you have a properly setup high speed connection.
  7. A major added bonus is that my office now has, live, up to date data, available to us at all times, so answering your questions does not involve you emailing or dropping off your data ever again.
  8. We can do your business year ends while you continue working in your data without the restrictions created by you sending us an “Accountant’s Copy”. You will see live ,current, up to date data on your computer screens at all times.
  9. You can have up to 5 concurrent users at all times.
  10. My backup systems do six (6) backups per day and store 20 prior versions of your data allowing us to “go back in time” and recover from any data problems you may encounter or pesky wrong entries that you would like to be able to reconsider.
  11. For those of you who want to do part of your record keeping but not all, we can provide you with fully trained staff in our office to do your HST and Payroll Remittance filing, your bank reconciliations, your Payrolls (including T4s and Separation Slips). The possibilities and services are limitless.

Free to give us a call at (613) 489-3583 or Toll Free on (888) 877-2505

Top Ten Reasons to have your QuickBooks Enterprise file remotely hosted

  1. No local area network in your office.
  2. You don’t have to pay the cost of installing a network system.
  3. You don’t have to pay the cost of employing your own IT staff.
  4. You are not a reliable source of doing daily secure backups.
  5. You have no system in place to perform nightly remote offsite data backup.
  6. Off Site Mirror image every day of all server information.
  7. High Speed Fibre-Optic internet connection.
  8. Anywhere, anytime access to your data.
  9. Use of Outlook to email invoices.
  10. We can keep things up to date while you are on holidays