Services for COVID-19

In this new CRA and Finance Canada World where Acronyms or Initialisms rule the vocabulary, things can get a bit confusing.  Also, the speed with which programs change and morph into something completely different is a tad disturbing.

If you are confused, join the party.  We work hard to stay up to date with the every changing COVID-19 funding changes.  If you need help, that's why we are here for clients and non-clients alike.  Give us a call or email to book a time to chat.

Here are the Top Three.

CERB - Canada Emergency Response Benefitt - The $2,000 per month benefit for individuals

CEWS - Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy - 75% of wages you pay from March 15 through July 4, 2020 (if your revenue was down 30% +/-) then it morphs into something else with changed revenue reduction qualifications

10% Temporary wage subsidy.  Shock - No acronym!!! - simply a reduction is payroll deductions by 10% of your wages paid during a qualifying period.

In an ongoing attempt to get things closer to "back to normal" our clients, personal and corporate, have the option of audio and video conferences through our commercial GoToMeeting portal.

We can conference in over 100 people with full audio/video access or, if you wish, you can call in by phone for audio access only. There are local access numbers across Canada and around the world.

We have the ability, if you video conference, to share our computer screens for year end reviews or going over your personal income tax returns.

Give us a call or send an email to for more information and to set up a virtual meeting.

For the time being, our office is open to the public, by appointment only.  There are a maximum of 3 appointments per day. We can see clients in our office, if they wear a mask and follow published social distancing guidlines.  Please call and book an in office appointment.